Official unveiling: PHAIDROS episode one


Ave formosissima, 
gemma pretiosa, 
ave, decus virginum, 
virgo gloriosa, 
ave, mundi luminar, 
ave, mundi rosa.

PHAIDROS is an episodic commercial game which has been in production since August 2012.  It is still in production and set to be released this year.


$kainregular"Listen. Listen very carefully.

Let me tell you how the world ended.

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PHAIDROS’ cast of playable characters is eighteen. The core cast consists of five characters, with six recruitable characters and six temporary party members. I have not yet finished all of the custom character portraits, so I will introduce each character as each portrait is finished.



Age: 20

Class: Pugilist

Race: Beastfolk- Tiger

Magical Affinity: Fire

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-A story of epic scope, told in an episodic format. The island of Vidalia is open to exploration, with secondary stories that are not crucial to the main plotline, but which will affect the tone of the finale depending on whether the player ignored them or not, and how he finished them as there are alternate paths to most solutions.
-A large cast of eighteen characters that will join your party. Some will be only passing friends, but others will be your stalwart companions--- provided that you know how to keep them!
-Implementation of a sideview combat system with the ability to fuse skills, creating a dynamic turn-based battle in which skills can interact and affect one another on both sides.
-Implementation of an advanced time system, which dictates the schedules of NPCs and hostiles alike--- shops open and close, and NPCs follow their daily routines based on the time of day. Certain monsters are to be found only at nighttime, and certain locales and discoveries can only be accessed while the sun or moon is in the sky.
-A fleshed out world with lots to do and explore, as well its own history and mythology. Learn about the history of Vidalia, and why it is important to current events—and future episodes. Every NPC has a past, a history, and his or her own unique dialogue.
-A crafting system that  plays an integral part in the characters’ exploration of the island: Zenobia’s ban on weapon-making and armorers means that weapon and armor shops are hard to find (unless you find where everybody has disappeared to…)- and that means that you must see to your own equipment. Find recipes for advanced weapon and armor making as well as potion brewing and distilling… if you look hard, you might even find the secret recipes for the ancient legendary weapons that the ancient civilization of Vidalia’s past once built!
-Music by Maus Merryjest, Fox Amoore and Kevin McLeod. Featuring a theme song by Kentaro Sato, whose credits include Final Fantasy Type-O, Dissidia 12 (Square Enix),  Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon (Ubisoft) and Medal of Honor: European Assault (EA)


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Stay tuned for more updates!


No More Art Posts

No matter what I do, there always seems to be a complete and total disinterest in my artwork. DA, SF, FA, no matter the site, I seem to be posting both my graphic art and my music recordings into a void. More often than not, they're ignored.  I've done what I could think of to promote my art... but still nothing.

'll keep working on my art, just not posting any new works on the sites.
What it comes down to, I think, is that I don't have a style which people find attractive. Writing descriptions, cropping thumbnails, that sort of thing is too much work for stuff hardly anyone is going to look at.

There are several people with commissions and sketches pending. Don't worry, dudes, you're getting posted. I'm not going to leave you dry. I will also continue to take new commissions and post those- but I will not be posting any art I do for myself, which is the majority of the work I do.

I will post updates on PHAIDROS and other games I make, since some people are interested in those more than the rest of my output, and I'll continue to inform on those.


Macarena... didn't suck

I was in Ecuador during the Macarena craze, so I had absolutely no idea
that you guys got totally screwed over in the U.S.... and no wonder so
many people hate the song. You see... you guys got the stupid "ditz
singspeak" version where 'Macarena' talks about how she's apparently the
last Coca-Cola of the desert, along with a dumb pop beat behind it
because, you know, U.S. record producers seemed to think Americans would
commit suicide if something played over the radio that didn't match up
to everything that's come before.

So, what was the REAL Macarena like? Pure Spain:

It was far more enjoyable to dance to, and you didn't have the grating
female singer. After having heard the US version... yeah, you guys got
totally screwed over.

Thanks to everyone who answered about whether or not they were still reading my LJ, nice to see you sticking around ;)

Anyone still read this?

I know I've neglected my journal--- so I wanted to ask if anyone was reading this at all? I'm trying to balance my web presence and keep myself out there, but if LJ's dried up, I should close this account, dontchathink? :)

So, who is out there?

Quest For Glory: I intevirewed two gaming legends


I had the good luck to sit down for an interview with the creators of the Quest for Glory compute game series (remember them?) series to talk about their new project: Hero-U.
Read the interview here:

And pass on the information about their kickstarter:

Nuclear Boom

 I just flew off the handle at someone tonight. When I called them out on their support for a rights-violating law, they said "I'll agree with you when the law gets overturned"-- so I basically pointed out that he was essentially saying "when everybody else acts moral, so will I." To get out of that, he quoted the "law of the land" excuse to me-- adding "why don't you do everybody a favor and STFU."

Considering that this person opposes ANOTHER set of rights-violating laws that are 'the law of the land' (same sex marriage bans and DOMA- so he only advocates 'the law of the land' on issues HE wants 'the law of the land' to be axiomatic)... well... I'm not ashamed to say that I went completely nuclear on this person. If he had said it in a different manner, I wouldn't have lost my cool... but the arm-flapping hypocrisy mixed with the "shut up, little boy" attitude was the limit. For good measure I hit him with the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 ("so what would you have done if you had met a fleeing slave? Remember, it's THE LAW OF THE LAND!") before I cut off all communications with him. Ethics is something I think about frequently. Fuck, I've written essay after essay, I've had my works complimented by philosophers and ethicists alike. I'm not a fucking newcomer to this. Telling me to "Do everybody a favor and STFU" is the quickest way to Nuclear ville that you're going to get from me. And you'll have deserved every fucking moment of it.

I honestly have no desire whatsoever to continue to communicate with this person. I make some allowances for youth and experience, but when we're talking about someone who is old enough to know better, and someone who hits me with that attitude? Screw it.

Update on mom

What a wait. I honestly thought things would move a little faster-but not really.
Mom ran through a bevy of tests throughout last week... We can't complain about the attention itself, though... The doctors and staff at the Anderson Cancer Center are not only extremely capable but also very receptive and sensitive to their patients. My mother felt great confidence in Dr. Hesse, who was very supportive and kind as well as being one of the best experts on staff. The entire staff has been kind and supportive-from the doctors all the way to the servers and the maids at the Rotary House. Their training has made a very difficult time more bearable.


This has been very hard on mom. At one point she was faced with the possibility of entirely losing most of her nose and ending up with a prosthetic nose, which would have put an end to swimming, which is something she really loves. The doctors, though are going to go for the route of doing a skin graft and then reconstructive surgery.


We still don't have a date for surgery. But we do have a rough outline: first the surgery, then they're going to do the graft and do a post-op biopsy to check for remnants. If there are any, they're going to give her radiation therapy to deal with the remnants- that'll be thirty days, and the side effects of radiation are brutal.. So we're really hoping she doesn't have to go through that. If she doesn't need it, then they'll keep her on observation to check that irrigation goes as planned with the graft (mom being a smoker and all)- and then come back three months for the refining plastic surgery.


I'm coming back on the ninth, I can't miss more classes since it would affect my visa, but we're hoping that by then my mom will have undergone the first surgery. We'll see, as we will know more by Tuesday.



My mother has an enormous cancer up in her nose, it was discovered on Monday and as of today she has to come to the US to get it operated. It hasn't rooted itself to anything yet, but it needs to be removed as soon as possible. To do this they will essentialy have to remove part of her nose.

Her insurance has said it will cover all of the procedure, but she has to have the operation in Houston b
ecause the doctors in Ecuador don't have the skin graft technology to do the reconstruction. And the nose won't be perfect, of course. She has to stay in the U.S. for about 15 days or however long the doctor says before she has to go back, wait a little while, then come back to perform the skin grafts. Then, if they take, she will go back to Ecuador for the nose reconstruction surgery.

My brother is calling me tomorrow with the date of the operation, we don't know it yet. Based on that I'm going to book a flight to Houston to be there two days before the operation and two days after, with my brother coming in after that to take over in case they have to stay longer.

The cancer is operable but my parents are extremely nervous, as is to be expected.

And of course the doctors want it operated as soon as possible before it has a chance to root. The skin graft is the issue because my mother has extremely damaged skin from decades of sunbathing, and she's a smoker. So they ned to use a special kind of technology that will tell them whether or not the graft will take with specific skin samples, otherwise they would have to repeat the graft over and over. That's the technology they don't have in Ecuador.

So, long story short,  I'll be out of touch as I will be in Houston. Based on the evidence I don't have anything to be extra worried about-- if indeed the cancer is as has been described to me. The only worry I have is that it may metastasize before the operation. Or that there may be complications during the operation. My brother says it won't be a long operation, two hours, so here's hoping.

I'll need to find a way to recoup the cost of the trip, so if anyone knows of people that'd like to get commissions from me, point them my way.

Can I be a Brit now?

Thank you, Ecuador, you have now finally completed the transition into a family guy skit. Declaring war on England....
Personally? I would love for Ecuador to be invaded by England and taken over... This is what we call a "upgrade".