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January 28th, 2013

Official unveiling: PHAIDROS episode one


Ave formosissima, 
gemma pretiosa, 
ave, decus virginum, 
virgo gloriosa, 
ave, mundi luminar, 
ave, mundi rosa.

PHAIDROS is an episodic commercial game which has been in production since August 2012.  It is still in production and set to be released this year.


$kainregular"Listen. Listen very carefully.

Let me tell you how the world ended.

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PHAIDROS’ cast of playable characters is eighteen. The core cast consists of five characters, with six recruitable characters and six temporary party members. I have not yet finished all of the custom character portraits, so I will introduce each character as each portrait is finished.



Age: 20

Class: Pugilist

Race: Beastfolk- Tiger

Magical Affinity: Fire

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-A story of epic scope, told in an episodic format. The island of Vidalia is open to exploration, with secondary stories that are not crucial to the main plotline, but which will affect the tone of the finale depending on whether the player ignored them or not, and how he finished them as there are alternate paths to most solutions.
-A large cast of eighteen characters that will join your party. Some will be only passing friends, but others will be your stalwart companions--- provided that you know how to keep them!
-Implementation of a sideview combat system with the ability to fuse skills, creating a dynamic turn-based battle in which skills can interact and affect one another on both sides.
-Implementation of an advanced time system, which dictates the schedules of NPCs and hostiles alike--- shops open and close, and NPCs follow their daily routines based on the time of day. Certain monsters are to be found only at nighttime, and certain locales and discoveries can only be accessed while the sun or moon is in the sky.
-A fleshed out world with lots to do and explore, as well its own history and mythology. Learn about the history of Vidalia, and why it is important to current events—and future episodes. Every NPC has a past, a history, and his or her own unique dialogue.
-A crafting system that  plays an integral part in the characters’ exploration of the island: Zenobia’s ban on weapon-making and armorers means that weapon and armor shops are hard to find (unless you find where everybody has disappeared to…)- and that means that you must see to your own equipment. Find recipes for advanced weapon and armor making as well as potion brewing and distilling… if you look hard, you might even find the secret recipes for the ancient legendary weapons that the ancient civilization of Vidalia’s past once built!
-Music by Maus Merryjest, Fox Amoore and Kevin McLeod. Featuring a theme song by Kentaro Sato, whose credits include Final Fantasy Type-O, Dissidia 12 (Square Enix),  Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon (Ubisoft) and Medal of Honor: European Assault (EA)


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Stay tuned for more updates!