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No More

"Individualism: I was born with that obsession and have never seen and do not know now a cause more worthy, more misunderstood, more seemingly hopeless and more tragically needed."

It angers me that people can't leave people the bleep alone, that they want to tell people what they should do and how to live, and then *force* them to do so instead of leaving people to make their own decisions. All in the name of 'the greater good.'

What incentive can you have to live your life, when any group of thugs can decide to claim parts of it 'for the greater good', and do so merely because they're in the majority? - when you are spat upon if you have the gall to oppose this, to say "my life is not yours to do as you please".

All throughout history, the struggle of civilization has been to free the individual from the collective, and every collapse has come about when the individual has lost that fight- under weapons or laws, under barbarians or tyrants- single tyrants, or the tyranny of a majority.

"We will force you to do this, it is for the greater good, you have no choice in this." What degenerate breed have we become, the moment that those words are considered acceptable? What putrescence have we brought into our souls when violation and force, when appropriation and bullying are acceptable as long as one does it 'for a good cause'- the definition of 'good' to be decided by majority of vote? More importantly- what brainless people have we become, to follow a path that reality and history have proven time and time again ends only in self destruction? What horrible loathing do we have that others may not choose to participate in something, that we completely obliterate their choices and force them to do as we must?

You can't go two ways about this: There are only two kinds of people in the world. They are the tyrant and the equal. The tyrant will force you and chain you to act as he wants you to act 'for the greater good'. The equal will let you do as you will with your life, as long as you don't harm others. At this moment in the world, there are far more tyrants, all happy to force you to live their way, the questions of choice or freedom are irrelevant to them- they hate the concept of choice, because it means someone may choose differently than they do, and that is intolerable to them. They are the enemy of your very life, and you open the door gleefully to them.

I feel like quoting Stephen Sondheim's song "No More", because it's very much how I feel:

No more giants
waging war.
Can't we just pursue our lives
with our children and our wives?
'Til that happier day arrives,
how do you ignore
all the witches
all the curses
all the wolves, all the lies,
the false hopes, the goodbyes, the reverses?
All the wondering what even worse
is still in store?

All the children . . .
All the giants . . .

No more.


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Jun. 29th, 2012 04:33 pm (UTC)
Thing is, it's not even for the greater good. That's just how they package the bitter pill so people who don't look beyond what sounds like something for nothing can feel good about swallowing it. It's always about power and control over people, and sadly so EASY to make a grab for that. Remember, we're all too stupid to make our own decisions and deal with the consequences. So they're just helping you out there...
Think how much easier life will be when you don't have to think at all! Gov'ment do it for you! But stop thinking about that because you're no longer allowed to think. It's bad for the whole. Thanks :)

Jun. 29th, 2012 04:39 pm (UTC)
That's why I put 'the greater good' in quotes, dear. The 'greater good' is never greater, because there can be no such good that is bad for the individual.

It pains me to see this great country head precisely in the same direction of the country from which I escaped.
Jun. 29th, 2012 05:00 pm (UTC)
Oh I know you don't buy into the greater good bs...just me being sarcastic blowing off steam ;)

I actually had someone say to me that it's about time we joined other first world nations in having something like this, as we were apparently the last archaic hold outs. Hmm, maybe there's a reason for that! I suppose it's been heading that way for a while, in regards to the direction we're going, and one can only hope this is the last straw and enough people wake up. But I'm cynical and doubting it.
Jun. 29th, 2012 05:09 pm (UTC)
"it's about time we joined other first world nations in having something like this, as we were apparently the last archaic hold outs"

Like, totally, dude, I know! It's not like Europe is collapsing or anything, ya know?
Jul. 2nd, 2012 03:48 am (UTC)
Ah, yes, those who will manipulate us for "the Greater Good". I despise those types. Would that they were easier to dispose of or at least removed from power.
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