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My mother has an enormous cancer up in her nose, it was discovered on Monday and as of today she has to come to the US to get it operated. It hasn't rooted itself to anything yet, but it needs to be removed as soon as possible. To do this they will essentialy have to remove part of her nose.

Her insurance has said it will cover all of the procedure, but she has to have the operation in Houston b
ecause the doctors in Ecuador don't have the skin graft technology to do the reconstruction. And the nose won't be perfect, of course. She has to stay in the U.S. for about 15 days or however long the doctor says before she has to go back, wait a little while, then come back to perform the skin grafts. Then, if they take, she will go back to Ecuador for the nose reconstruction surgery.

My brother is calling me tomorrow with the date of the operation, we don't know it yet. Based on that I'm going to book a flight to Houston to be there two days before the operation and two days after, with my brother coming in after that to take over in case they have to stay longer.

The cancer is operable but my parents are extremely nervous, as is to be expected.

And of course the doctors want it operated as soon as possible before it has a chance to root. The skin graft is the issue because my mother has extremely damaged skin from decades of sunbathing, and she's a smoker. So they ned to use a special kind of technology that will tell them whether or not the graft will take with specific skin samples, otherwise they would have to repeat the graft over and over. That's the technology they don't have in Ecuador.

So, long story short,  I'll be out of touch as I will be in Houston. Based on the evidence I don't have anything to be extra worried about-- if indeed the cancer is as has been described to me. The only worry I have is that it may metastasize before the operation. Or that there may be complications during the operation. My brother says it won't be a long operation, two hours, so here's hoping.

I'll need to find a way to recoup the cost of the trip, so if anyone knows of people that'd like to get commissions from me, point them my way.
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