maus_merryjest (maus_merryjest) wrote,

No More Art Posts

No matter what I do, there always seems to be a complete and total disinterest in my artwork. DA, SF, FA, no matter the site, I seem to be posting both my graphic art and my music recordings into a void. More often than not, they're ignored.  I've done what I could think of to promote my art... but still nothing.

'll keep working on my art, just not posting any new works on the sites.
What it comes down to, I think, is that I don't have a style which people find attractive. Writing descriptions, cropping thumbnails, that sort of thing is too much work for stuff hardly anyone is going to look at.

There are several people with commissions and sketches pending. Don't worry, dudes, you're getting posted. I'm not going to leave you dry. I will also continue to take new commissions and post those- but I will not be posting any art I do for myself, which is the majority of the work I do.

I will post updates on PHAIDROS and other games I make, since some people are interested in those more than the rest of my output, and I'll continue to inform on those.

Tags: art
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