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Official unveiling: PHAIDROS episode one


Ave formosissima, 
gemma pretiosa, 
ave, decus virginum, 
virgo gloriosa, 
ave, mundi luminar, 
ave, mundi rosa.

PHAIDROS is an episodic commercial game which has been in production since August 2012.  It is still in production and set to be released this year.


$kainregular"Listen. Listen very carefully.

Let me tell you how the world ended.

Two hundred years ago, the three barons ruled the land after the last scion of the
great houses had passed on, leaving no issue to sit upon the throne.
Under their rule, the land knew strife and oppression. All races were heavily
taxed and controlled, geared to support the lavish lifestyle to which the three
barons had grown accustomed, at the expense of all others. Civil war was inevitable.
And so it was that an alliance between all races was formed, the first and last of its
kind in history to march against a common enemy.
First were men and women, the most numerous of the races. Although they were
skilled in warfare, their greatest virtue was their minds, which through centuries had
allowed the to conquer the shortcomings which nature had bestowed upon them.
Second among them were the Beastfolk, creatures with the semblance of animals and
yet bipedal, with the ability to speak in the tongue of men, but who were far stronger
in body.
Last were the diminutive Sylphs-- creatures of air and mystery, frail in body and
constitution, but whose gift for wielding magic dwarfed even the greatest of magicians.
The struggle was long and bloody, lasting over twenty years of bloodshed and
despair. At the battle of the Silver Hills, more than half of the rebellious forces
were slain by the barons- and the great cause seemed all but lost.
But from the despair came hope in the figure of Zenobia. Daughter of the desert,
a fierce leader among her nomadic people, she rallied the remnants of the united
armies and led them to a resounding victory. Within months she helped achieve the
impossible and the barons were finally defeated--- and executed.
In reward for her deliverance, the people wished for her to become their queen.
In the face of their fervor, she did not refuse. And thus, the old world ended,
and a promised new age began: the age of Zenobia the First, The Deliverer.
The years passed, and the old alliances broke down. Humans and Beastfolk alike
took up their old mistrusts and jealousies, whilst the Sylphs kept to themselves in
their mysterious demesne and thus were mistrusted by all. Zenobia herself seemed to
change as the decades passed, as if she were somehow mirroring the state of her
Twenty years after she ascended to the throne, the first of the edicts known
collectively as the Beastfolk Acts came to pass. Little by little, their rights
were written off- at first they could not hold public office in the Zenobian
Empire. Then, they could not own a business without first obtaining permission...
and ultimately rarely at all.
Eventually the Beastfolk were declared to be inferior to humans, meant to serve their greater
good. Families were broken,sold, auctioned into servitude and slavery, their possessions scattered.
Some were fortunate enough to belong to more benevolent families, who allowed them to purchase
their freedom... but those cases were rare indeed.
Many rebelled against the acts- a good number of humans spoke out in disgust,
only to be silenced by their brethren. The beastfolk tried to stage a rebellion...
But the Beastfolk had always been lesser in number to the humans, and the war for
freedom had decimated their number so that they no longer had the strength to
fight for freedom again in the open field.
The second of the acts, the Magical Beings Act, targeted the Sylphs.
It dictated that no creature with such a natural affinity for magic could be
designated as a people, but rather as supernatural entities or, at worst, monsters.
Zenobia gave the Sylphs, also lesser in number than they had ever been, a year to
submit themselves to the service and study of her priests and magicians.
A peasant reported seeing a great pilgrimage of these delicate beings, but they weren't
headed in the direction of the capital. To this date, nobody knows what became of the
Sylphs, all that is known is that no man or beastfolk ever saw their likes again upon
earth-- they left behind nothing more than abandoned buildings, stripped of any
treasure from which the ravenous empire might have benefited.
But all was not lost-- three humans from one of the noblest families in the empire
took up arms for the cause of freedom once more. Joanna, Eian and Roland Belasi
gathered men and women of like mind, and cast their lot against Zenobia, calling her
a traitor.
Once more, the fields burned, swords clashed, and there were cries in the night
as the few, the free and the desperate sought to push back against this new world...
A world that feasted upon them.
But Zenobia was never dethroned. Her armies were great, and the loyalty she
engendered at the heart of the empire was admirable. She provided her citizens with
luxuries carried on the back of the beastfolk, and they would never consider releasing
them from their bondage, when they lived at their expense. Contrary to what happens
in the best of tales, Zenobia lived to the ripe old age of eighty and gave birth to
a dynasty.
There is no tomb for Zenobia, for the legend says that upon her deathbed she
ascended to Goddesshood along with chosen members of her personal guard. Then, it
is said, she waged war upon the heavens and dethroned the old gods, the gods from
whom no priest or sage had heard in ages and who seemingly had abandoned man to
his fate. Now Zenobia ruled as the mother goddess of a new religion which spread
far and wide across the Empire, presided by the Great Pontiffs- her descendants.
And yet, still the rebellion continued. Joanna, Eian and Roland Belasi were ultimately
defeated and slain, but their legacy continued- underground. The remnants of their
soldiers took up the family name as the mark under which they fought- the Belasi.
And so, a hundred years later, they continue fighting a losing battle. They, who
are cursed and reviled and branded heretics, they who would rather die free than
live as slaves, are the noblest of this land, and yet so few know it.
This is my story as well. I would soon be swept away by actions started over
two hundred years ago. little did I know...
But I'm getting ahead of myself....
Listen. Listen very carefully---
I'll tell you how it all started.... "


Ten years ago, the expansion of the Zenobian Empire had been halted by the Alexandrite Kingdoms to the East, putting an end to the era of an expansion that had conquered 90% of the world, or so it was thought. Five years ago, the Zenobian Empire landed on the shores of Vidalia (its original name was ‘Vitalia’, becoming corrupt in the vernacular at some indeterminate point), a peaceful island in the middle of the Despian ocean. Its remote location and total lack of strategic geographic value meant that the Zenobians left it alone since the early days of the Empire, and thus were outside of its rule. 

This changed, however, for unknown reasons and the Zenobian Empire quickly swallowed up the island, destroying any opposition and quickly setting up its three small cities as Zenobian outposts, subject to the authority of the Zenobian Viceroy, General Sirocco, who set up his residence in Evernore Castle, the ancient homestead of the Dukes of Vilya, whose families had been exterminated during the relatively quick invasion.

The Belasi wish to know why the invasion happened: What possessed the greatest military force in the world (or second greatest after the Alexandrite Kingdoms) to send a contingent to an island in the middle of nowhere and wrest it from its denizens, at no strategic benefit, and at risk of debilitating their frontier with the Alexandrite Kingdoms? Five years ago they infiltrated the capital to look for answers… they infiltrated a spy into the Zenobian network, and now they have found out that the Zenobians went there to look for something important. Something only top-level officers know about. And the rumors are that they may have found it. Whatever it is, the Belasi know that it is important enough for the Zenobians to take such risks… it might be important enough to help in their fight to destroy the Empire. In order to find out, they must go to the island of Vidalia and unearth the truth.


PHAIDROS’ cast of playable characters is eighteen. The core cast consists of five characters, with six recruitable characters and six temporary party members. I have not yet finished all of the custom character portraits, so I will introduce each character as each portrait is finished.



Age: 20

Class: Pugilist

Race: Beastfolk- Tiger

Magical Affinity: Fire

All KAIN knew for fifteen years was slavery. Born to a slave in a prestigious Zenobian household in one of the outlying provinces of the empire, he was put to work from a very early age.  He was sold to a noble from the capital at the age of ten, shortly after his mother’s death. He was always unusually thoughtful, prone to ask too many questions. This, coupled with a fiery temper, led Kain to ultimately seek his escape, knowing very well that punishment could be death if he were caught.

Inexperienced as he was, he was captured and sentenced to a public hanging as a lesson to fleeing slaves. Little did he know, however, that members of the Belasi rebellion had infiltrated the city for purposes of their own and were watching. They rescued him, and Kain became a permanent member of the rebellion, becoming an adept warrior for the cause.

Kain is observant and far more sensitive than he lets on. Courageous under fire, he is known for being a bit of a daredevil. His passion is books- he loves to read whatever he can get his hands on, making up for the education that was denied him during his early years.


            Age: 38

Class: Leader

Race: Human

Magical Affinity: Air

Born Kimi Starr, Tempest is the current leader of the Belasi rebellion. Those who know her know that she used to be one of the most promising lieutenants in the Zenobian army at a very young age. Her future seemed bright, and several members of the military elite were grooming her for a promising future. Nobody knows what happens, and she has never discussed it, all that is known is that Kimi deserted one day in the middle of routing a band of rebels. But not without first decimating the entire Zenobian battalion.

The Belasi reluctantly accepted Kimi at first, fearing that it was nothing more than a ruse... but eventually they came to trust her, as she showed a fiery commitment to the cause and an impressive hatred for all things Zenobian. To this date, nobody knows what brought about her change of heart--- save the previous leader of the rebellion, The Sparrow, who unfortunately was killed many years ago, taking the secret to his grave.

By then, Kimi had risen through the ranks with speed, and she was The Sparrow's choice for succession. She acquired the moniker of Tempest due to her mastery of wind magic. The Zenobians call her The Black Wind because of her blinding speed, and the deadly power of her Hell Tornado. Sixteen years ago, during a Belasi infiltration of the capital city, Tempest brought back with her a little baby girl who, she said, was going to be sacrificed to the goddess Zenobia as the punishment for her parents' desertion. The girl was raised among the rebels.

Her allies know her as a dependable, cool-headed leader. She seems to take great enjoyment in causing havoc for the Empire, and revels in her combat skills, often cracking jokes or sarcastic remarks in the middle of combat to unnerve her opponents.


            Age: 16

Class: Sword Dancer

Race: Human

Magical Affinity: Air

MISTRAL is an up-and-coming member of the rebellion. Her life story is entirely encompassed by the Belasi, since she has grown up among them. As a baby, she was saved by a fate worse than death (it is said) by a young Tempest, back then a lieutenant in the rebellion. Tempest raised the girl herself in the heart of the rebellion, and ultimately she became a promising young woman with a cool head and a steady sword-- both of which instill fear in the hearts of the Zenobian Empire.

It is no secret that Mistral is being groomed to be Tempest’s replacement, should she fall in the line of fire. The young woman already displays all the traits of leadership and is treated as an informal leader in the rebellion. She has certainly made a reputation with the Empire, who has put a bounty on her head almost as high as the one on Tempest’s.

Mistral is often no-nonsense and serious while on assignment, but in an informal setting she is a delightful young lady with a perceptive mind. Her abilities as a Sword Dancer allow her to enchant her blades with a variety of elemental energies, but her main affinity is the element of Air- the same as Tempest’s.



Age: 20

Class: Diabolist

Race: Beastfolk- Cat

Magical Affinity: Shadow

Z used to have a name- but nobody remembers it anymore, not even he does. Once the innocent apprentice of an eccentric old mage, Z found himself betrayed by his mentor, who intended to sacrifice his life in order to form a pact with a Demon called Abraxas, Lord of Probabilities. The pact would unite the mage’s soul with the Demon multiplying their power.

Unfortunately for the old man, Abraxas took an interest in Z's potential. He was far more powerful than the old man would ever be, and there was something special in the young boy, something pure and unspoiled that drew the Demon's morbid fascination. In the midst of the ritual, he offered Z the possibility of survival, and the scared young apprentice took it. The mage was slain in Z's stead, and Z became fused with the demon... in exchange losing his name, receiving merely a letter by which to be called.

Despite the pact, Z remains largely unspoiled. He possesses a ferrous innocence that is in constant struggle with the dark forces that exist within him. His mood is erratic and taciturn at times, but only because of the inner struggle he must maintain in order not to be corrupted by Abraxas' influence. Abraxas, by his part, remains largely unobtrusive, his plans unknown.

Z's powerful magic is channeled through the Devil's Music Box, an artifact of great power that serves as the channel for Abraxas... but which must be activated with great care in combat, for it can hurt the caster as much as it can hurt an enemy.



Age: 26

Class: Scholar

Race: Beastfolk- White wolf

Magical Affinity: Electricity

Meet Milnes Delavigne, third in command in the Belasi rebellion. In the wake of Zenobia’s rule, beastfolk were been segregated by the Zenobian empire, deemed inferior and subservient to humans. While a rudimentary education and trade/craftsmanship training is allowed, higher education is strictly forbidden to them.

The Belasi rebels, of course, do not hold themselves to those standards. Milnes defiantly wears the scarf of the College of Healers, Sages and Luminaries. Although his training in magic and healing came from his fellow Belasi rebels, he wears the scarf as a statement of what he considers to be his rightful place. Milnes is both a healer and a spellcaster, tending to the wounded and casting paralyzing spells in equal measure. The element to which he is attuned is Electricity.

Unlike Kain, Milnes wasn’t born in slavery- his parents were part of the rebellion, freed from bondage by The Sparrow. As the third in command and the head healer of the rebellion, Milnes constantly worries about the welfare of his comrades, stressing his already earnest and concerned character. Although he has seen the death of many of his comrades over the years, he has never gotten used to the loss—to the point that he dedicated years of intense study to the relationship between the body and the ‘life spark’- that quintessential energy that seems to be the true focus of the individual’s personality. Through independent research and hardship, he will become one of the few scholars capable of performing the technique known as the “Sanctus”, which can re-unite the fallen body of a comrade with their life spark in combat.

His knowledge is also distilled in the creation of the secret recipe of Aqua Vitae, the water of life which can likewise revive a fallen ally--- provided there has been no irreparable damage to the body. This is, unfortunately, seldom the case with his fallen comrades, and Milnes desperately continues his search for the secret that will restore a dead body to its pristine state, so that the Aqua Vitae and the Sanctus can revive even the most mangled comrades and return them to perfect physical state.



Age: 20

Class: Scoundrel

Race: Human

Magical Affinity: Earth

Vincent was fifteen when the Zenobian Empire invaded his world. He and his sister Luthia had spent a relatively normal childhood- as normal as orphans get anyways- living in the peaceful village of Vilya. Myrthin, an old friend of his father, tutored the siblings in letters and history, piquing their interest in ruins and the ancient civilization that existed on the island thousands of years ago. The old man even began to teach them the ways of magic--- or ‘shaping’, which was the term the Sylph used to describe it.

When the Zenobian troops invaded the island, they met with little resistance from a population that had spent the last century or so in peace, and whose martial training left much to be desired. Vincent saw how his ancestral home was turned into nothing more than an outpost for the Zenobian Empire, how  his Beastfolk friends were separated from the  main population and sent to live apart in squalor… and how his human friends stood by and didn’t dare to raise their voices. He saw how the entirety of the island fell under Zenobian rule, and rage burned in his heart.

Vincent trained himself to move in the shadows, to spy upon the Zenobians whenever he could, and learn secrets. He learned that they were in the island in order to search for ‘relics’—remnants of the old civilization. Vincent began to deal with the outposts then, taking relics he unearthed from ruins and crypts to Evernore Castle. If they found what they were looking for, he hoped, they would finally leave the island alone.

The Zenobians passed their usual decrees on the island, and magic and weapon-making were outlawed outside of approved officials… so Vincent and Luthia made their best efforts to conceal their magical ability. Many of their friends, however, were targeted by the Empire… but they inexplicably disappeared before they could be captured. This happened with the blacksmiths and most shopkeepers whose businesses were not approved by the Zenobians. Nobody knew where they went…

But Vincent and Luthia did. And they kept the secret.

Vincent has grown up to be a dry young man, who chafes under the slightest pressure of authority. He is determined to see the Zenobians off his island, no matter the cost. He is not sympathetic to the Belasi rebellion, seeing them as nothing more than a convenient faction that could help him free the island, but he is not concerned with the world outside of the island of Vidalia, and he is very slow to trust anyone outside of his sister.

More characters unveiled soon...


-A story of epic scope, told in an episodic format. The island of Vidalia is open to exploration, with secondary stories that are not crucial to the main plotline, but which will affect the tone of the finale depending on whether the player ignored them or not, and how he finished them as there are alternate paths to most solutions.
-A large cast of eighteen characters that will join your party. Some will be only passing friends, but others will be your stalwart companions--- provided that you know how to keep them!
-Implementation of a sideview combat system with the ability to fuse skills, creating a dynamic turn-based battle in which skills can interact and affect one another on both sides.
-Implementation of an advanced time system, which dictates the schedules of NPCs and hostiles alike--- shops open and close, and NPCs follow their daily routines based on the time of day. Certain monsters are to be found only at nighttime, and certain locales and discoveries can only be accessed while the sun or moon is in the sky.
-A fleshed out world with lots to do and explore, as well its own history and mythology. Learn about the history of Vidalia, and why it is important to current events—and future episodes. Every NPC has a past, a history, and his or her own unique dialogue.
-A crafting system that  plays an integral part in the characters’ exploration of the island: Zenobia’s ban on weapon-making and armorers means that weapon and armor shops are hard to find (unless you find where everybody has disappeared to…)- and that means that you must see to your own equipment. Find recipes for advanced weapon and armor making as well as potion brewing and distilling… if you look hard, you might even find the secret recipes for the ancient legendary weapons that the ancient civilization of Vidalia’s past once built!
-Music by Maus Merryjest, Fox Amoore and Kevin McLeod. Featuring a theme song by Kentaro Sato, whose credits include Final Fantasy Type-O, Dissidia 12 (Square Enix),  Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon (Ubisoft) and Medal of Honor: European Assault (EA)



Stay tuned for more updates!

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