Those who run you now...


Today morning the Senate received a 600 page bill for voting.


Senator Rand Paul, whom I neither respect nor idolize due to sharing the same religion- in- government as his father, had a good moment when he filed for a motion that the bill be actually read before actually voting on it.


He was outvoted 77 to 22 (


I could say something, but I think it stand best as a horrifying underscore to the things about which I have spoken at length.


No More

"Individualism: I was born with that obsession and have never seen and do not know now a cause more worthy, more misunderstood, more seemingly hopeless and more tragically needed."

It angers me that people can't leave people the bleep alone, that they want to tell people what they should do and how to live, and then *force* them to do so instead of leaving people to make their own decisions. All in the name of 'the greater good.'

What incentive can you have to live your life, when any group of thugs can decide to claim parts of it 'for the greater good', and do so merely because they're in the majority? - when you are spat upon if you have the gall to oppose this, to say "my life is not yours to do as you please".

All throughout history, the struggle of civilization has been to free the individual from the collective, and every collapse has come about when the individual has lost that fight- under weapons or laws, under barbarians or tyrants- single tyrants, or the tyranny of a majority.

"We will force you to do this, it is for the greater good, you have no choice in this." What degenerate breed have we become, the moment that those words are considered acceptable? What putrescence have we brought into our souls when violation and force, when appropriation and bullying are acceptable as long as one does it 'for a good cause'- the definition of 'good' to be decided by majority of vote? More importantly- what brainless people have we become, to follow a path that reality and history have proven time and time again ends only in self destruction? What horrible loathing do we have that others may not choose to participate in something, that we completely obliterate their choices and force them to do as we must?

You can't go two ways about this: There are only two kinds of people in the world. They are the tyrant and the equal. The tyrant will force you and chain you to act as he wants you to act 'for the greater good'. The equal will let you do as you will with your life, as long as you don't harm others. At this moment in the world, there are far more tyrants, all happy to force you to live their way, the questions of choice or freedom are irrelevant to them- they hate the concept of choice, because it means someone may choose differently than they do, and that is intolerable to them. They are the enemy of your very life, and you open the door gleefully to them.

I feel like quoting Stephen Sondheim's song "No More", because it's very much how I feel:

No more giants
waging war.
Can't we just pursue our lives
with our children and our wives?
'Til that happier day arrives,
how do you ignore
all the witches
all the curses
all the wolves, all the lies,
the false hopes, the goodbyes, the reverses?
All the wondering what even worse
is still in store?

All the children . . .
All the giants . . .

No more.

Your Doctor is Now a Government Employee...Happy?

Obama and advocates of socialized medicine have won.

But have they, really?

I was talking with a waitress I know just today. She asked me, "Can you explain, in terms that I'll understand, what Obamacare actually means -- to me?" I told her: "Imagine if you went to work tomorrow. Your boss tells you, 'Your tips have been set at a certain fee. You'll be getting the same tip from every customer, every time.' That will be the position of your doctor, who now plays only by the government's rules."  She paused and then her eyes lit up. "I totally get it."

Obamacare proponents sold their idea on a promise. The promise is that health care will be as good, or better, than ever -- only now, for everyone. But the federal government is already $15 trillion in debt because of Medicare and Medicaid. Now that trillions more will be spent on Medicaid and Medicare in another few years, the debt will grow exponentially. Government will have to cut costs. How can there be no consequence to your personal medical care?

A lot of doctors, as it is, don't take Medicaid. Many are considering dropping Medicare, as cost cuts loom. Exactly how does it benefit "everyone" to be covered if there are no doctors willing to work for them?

There are those who foolishly believe that this is all about "coverage." Everything will be the same, only more people will be "covered." This is like saying, "The government is going to take over the manufacture of cars. There will be no more competing automobile companies. Government will decide what kind of cars people will drive, how often they'll drive them, and everyone's car will be the same (except for the politicians or otherwise connected, of course.) The good news? Everyone will have a car."

I doubt this would ever sell, not even in today's America. But it's the exact same thing that has happened to health care. Everyone, at least on paper, now has a doctor. Government guarantees it, by forcing some to pay for it.

Supporters of Obama's socialized medicine scheme, upheld by the Supreme Court in a 5-4 vote, are calling this a "victory for everyone."


Try telling this to people whose health coverage will be cancelled in 2014. In a survey last year, 30 percent of companies who currently provide health insurance coverage for employees plan to drop this benefit. Why? Because Obamacare guarantees government Medicaid to anyone without health insurance. Why should businesses provide health insurance when they know employees can get coverage through the government for free? That number will be much higher than 30 percent, before it's all over.

Tell this to people who currently pay their own health insurance premiums. Premiums will skyrocket as Obamacare increases regulation, which in turn increases cost. On top of this, supply of health insurance will shrink relative to demand. Think private schools. Private schools are too expensive for most people because there aren't enough of them to meet the demand. Why? Because government is providing schools for "free." It will be the same when Medicaid and Medicare become the coverage for the majority of the population.

Tell it to anybody (outside of a former President or Senator and his family) who at some point is a medical care patient. Medical decisions will be subject to annual Congressional budgets along with the supervision of a National Health Board. Think government shutdowns. Every time Congress is responsible for passing another two-month extension on a budget, there's a threatened government shutdown along with embarrassing political squabbling. Now you'll be able to watch members of Congress fight over how many mammograms are "too many" and whether people over 70 should be treated for brain cancer, or only people under 50.

Tell it to people who have to work to pay for their health insurance benefits, and pay more in taxes -- so that those who do not work won't have to pay anything, and can obtain medical care for free.

The Supreme Court decision is kind of like 9/11. It's shocking, but not surprising. Few expected a conservative Chief Justice, appointed by George W. Bush, to uphold all of Obamacare, even the mandate. But weren't you listening when George W. Bush claimed, during his presidency, that he wanted "compassionate" capitalism (translation: socialism), and he wanted to be Democratic icon Franklin Delano Roosevelt? Democrats have always set the agenda, and conservatives have always implemented it.

Socialized medicine a victory for all? Sure. As long as you don't have to pay for it. As long as you don't care about having a quality doctor. As long as you don't care if your doctor works for you, at a profit -- or for the government, getting his pay either way. As long as you never get sick, and you're willing to entrust the administration and practice of medical care to the same idiots in Congress whom 95 percent of Americans don't even respect.

The people who passed this legislation in our government are nothing more than power-lusting, self conscious "do-gooder" narcissists. Think I'm exaggerating? Put a copy of this article in your underwear drawer and pull it out around 2015 or so. And stay healthy.

-By Dr. M. Hurd.


Don Watkins comments today

Don Watkins comments on today

"If some men are entitled by right to the products of the work of others, it means that those others are deprived of rights and condemned to slave labor. Any alleged “right” of one man, which necessitates the violation of the rights of another, is not and cannot be a right. No man can have a right to impose an unchosen obligation, an unrewarded duty or an involuntary servitude on another man. There can be no such thing as “the right to enslave.” - Ayn Rand

Really, Mr. Lovelock?

Almost as a segue on my earlier journal entry today... environmental scientist James Lovelock, renowned for his terrifying predictions of climate change's deadly impact on the planet, has gone back on his previous claims, admitting they were 'alarmist'.

The 92-year-old Briton, who also developed the Gaia theory of the Earth as a single organism, has said climate change is still happening - just not as quickly as he once warned.

He added that other environmental commentators, such as former vice president Al Gore, are also guilty of exaggerating their arguments.

The admission comes as a devastating blow to proponents of climate change who regard Lovelock as a powerful figurehead.

Five years ago, he had claimed: 'Before this century is over billions of us will die and the few breeding pairs of people that survive will be in the Arctic where the climate remains tolerable.'

But in an interview with, he admitted: 'I made a mistake.'

He said: 'The problem is we don't know what the climate is doing,' he told 'We thought we knew 20 years ago. That led to some alarmist books – mine included – because it looked clear cut, but it hasn't happened.

'The climate is doing its usual tricks. There's nothing much really happening yet. We were supposed to be halfway toward a frying world.

'[The temperature] has stayed almost constant, whereas it should have been rising"


So the polar caps aren't melting, and the temperature isn't rising...

Mr. Lovelock? You want to know what the climate is doing?
How about this little thing we should call it: "THE WEATHER."

If you look at the history of the earth, the earth has been both much hotter and much colder than it has been through most of human history. Heck, ever heard of The Little Ice Age? That little lovely period of cold that is indirectly responsible for the rise of Gothic fiction?

Mr. Lovelock was at the forefront of the alarmist crazy, and now he says "oops, I'm sorry"--- Really, Mr. Lovelock? "Woops, sorry for that thirty year histrionic craze that resulted in the creation of horrible shows such as Captain Planet and the Planeteers."

Thanks to that man, South Americans are now perpetually associated with useless superpowers.

Thank you, James Lovelock.


Twenty-year-old models which have suggested serious ice loss in the eastern Antarctic have been compared with reality for the first time - and found to be wrong, so much so that it now appears that no ice is being lost at all.

"Previous ocean models ... have predicted temperatures and melt rates that are too high, suggesting a significant mass loss in this region that is actually not taking place," says Tore Hattermann of the Norwegian Polar Institute, member of a team which has obtained two years' worth of direct measurements below the massive Fimbul Ice Shelf in eastern Antarctica - the first ever to be taken.

According to a statement from the American Geophysical Union, announcing the new research:

It turns out that past studies, which were based on computer models without any direct data for comparison or guidance, overestimate the water temperatures and extent of melting beneath the Fimbul Ice Shelf. This has led to the misconception, Hattermann said, that the ice shelf is losing mass at a faster rate than it is gaining mass, leading to an overall loss of mass.

The team’s results show that water temperatures are far lower than computer models predicted.

Hatterman and his colleagues, using 12 tons of hot-water drilling equipment, bored three holes more than 200m deep through the Fimbul Shelf, which spans an area roughly twice the size of New Jersey. The location of each hole was cunningly chosen so that the various pathways by which water moves beneath the ice shelf could be observed, and instruments were lowered down.

The boffins also supplemented their data craftily by harvesting info from a biology project, the Marine Mammal Exploration of the Oceans Pole to Pole (MEOP) effort, which had seen sensor packages attached to elephant seals.

"Nobody was expecting that the MEOP seals from Bouvetoya would swim straight to the Antarctic and stay along the Fimbul Ice Shelf for the entire winter," Hattermann says. "But this behaviour certainly provided an impressive and unique data set."

Normally, getting sea temperature readings along the shelf in winter would be dangerous if not impossible due to shifting pack ice - but the seals were perfectly at home among the grinding floes.

Overall, according to the team, their field data shows "steady state mass balance" on the eastern Antarctic coasts - ie, that no ice is being lost from the massive shelves there. The research is published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.

This is good news indeed, as some had thought that huge amounts of ice were melting from the region, which might mean accelerated rates of sea level rise in future.

Electroswing Tiger!

Apparently there is this musical movement going through Europe called "Electroswing"- which is essentially 2910s swing mixed with modern styles. It seems that it's becoming quite popular in Europe, and one of the groups that started the craze is this French group called "Caravane Palace":


I just realized...  we may have seen the very beginnings of Electroswing around the time that The Triplettes of Belleville hit the screen. The music for the movie was definitely composed in that vibe:


In any case... I'm now an electroswing tiger ;3 I love the 1920s aesthetic.

Who you gonna call? .... the... Illuminati???

Someone just told me that the Illuminati were behind Egypt's revolution. I honestly am puzzled by people who believe in these conspiracy theories... but I can also see why they cling to them. The world is a scary place full of irrational people doing brutal and monstrous things to other people, enslaving them with laws or with weapons. I assume it brings some sort of comfort to think that there is someone behind it all who moves the levels- and that the solution to all problems is a simple one: just get rid of 'them'. 
 But while it brings some sort of comfort, it bypasses the actual source of things, irrationality, and it leaves one incapable of actually targeting the issue because you're swinging at ghosts. 
There isn't a big evil wizard behind it all, twirling his moustaches (though narrative convenience tells us that there *should* be), what is at work is far more present and closer to you: incompetence, irrationality, and malevolence. For the longest time our society has been a society that values irrationality over all things ("If it brings me happiness, why shouldn't I believe it?"), holding that as a value has consequences. It may seem strange to think that such an apparent little thing could have such massive consequences, but it really isn't. Think of your mind and your way of thinking as a building, and the ideas that you select at the core as true the very foundations of that mind. Everything else is built upon that foundation. In a way these 'Illuminati' do exist- as the mental ghosts to whom you give free reign over your mind.
Isn't it about time you did some ghostbusting? Trust me, Bustin' will make you feel good.